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This website is all about promoting Australian made furniture and bedding, our Members who manufacture the products and the Association – and in that order.

Domestic Membership

This Membership Category is for manufacturers of high quality furniture and bedding products for the home – indoor and outdoor.

Members offer the complete range of locally made quality products encompassing choice of designs, unique hand-made items and the assurance of ongoing customer service and advice.


Commercial Membership

This category is for manufacturers of office furniture and related industrial products.  It includes manufacturers and designers of business systems and integrated seating formats.

A requirement of Membership is an emphasis on locally made quality products and the certainty of customer satisfaction and after sales services.

Supplier Membership

Members in this category provide the products and services required by furniture and bedding manufacturers in respect of raw materials/products used in the manufacturing processes such as timber, foam, paints, fabrics, springs, glues etc.

Members are proud to offer materials etc. of a quality and versatility that enhance the finished furniture and bedding.


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